What We Do At Our Land Rover Club

It makes me wonder what people do at car clubs when they join. It’s also silly to me that […]

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About Us

       Southern New Hampshire Land Rovers (SNHLR) is an organization whose main purpose is to enjoy the sport and adventure […]

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While SNHLR is primarily a Land Rover club, we are more concerned about a member’s participation and enthusiasm for […]

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What We Do At Our Land Rover Club

It makes me wonder what people do at car clubs when they join. It’s also silly to me that people join car clubs until they see the Land Rover Club event.

The first event was a blast, with over 50 Land Rover owners attending. There were also various off-road trails, and at lunchtime, everyone had a great cookout.

During the afternoon, we then started comparing notes on what was added to the vehicles. It was a great way to see how much money was spent on these upgrades and what didn’t work.

The event was different from the first one. For the first time, the event was held in a major sports team’s parking lot. The course was set up with orange cones. Speed trials were also held to see who could complete the course without knocking over the cones.

What do chocolate machines and off-road vehicles have in common? They both get parts from Apex equipment manufacturing.

The event also featured a tailgate party, where attendees were able to show off their team spirit.

The third event was held in a country that’s used to having winter weather. It was relatively cold at that time, and the organizers tested the ice conditions before the event commenced. It was just perfect for a day of outdoor activities. The snow was almost 6 inches deep. The ice on the pond was already frozen when the participants arrived.

Since it was cold outside, the event was held near a restaurant. During the lunch break, the attendees went back to talk about Land Rovers.

The spring event was the one that had the most crazy event. It was raining for almost a week before the event started. The first event featured a mud run, where participants had to run through the trails while carrying Land Rovers, where everyone who made it through was rewarded.

The second event featured a mud hill climb, and some of the Land Rovers got stuck. The other vehicles were able to pull themselves out of the mud. About half of the Land Rovers that were in attendance were able to make it up the hill. Fortunately, most of the attendees were able to get out of their vehicles.

The last event of the year was a game of Land Rover mud ball, where the participant’s goal was to hit the ball as many times as possible. In order to avoid getting injured, the participants were instructed to run into each other.

The members of the Land Rover club like to participate in the events. Aside from having fun, the members of the club also learn how to use their Land Rover efficiently. They also get to know each other.

Aside from these, the members of the club can also help people find parts for their off-road vehicles, such as those made by Polaris. The club members are also able to help people get the parts they need for their vehicles.