What We Do At Our Land Rover Club

Have you ever wondered what people do at car clubs? It seemed silly to me that people joined car […]

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       Southern New Hampshire Land Rovers (SNHLR) is an organization whose main purpose is to enjoy the sport and adventure […]

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While SNHLR is primarily a Land Rover club, we are more concerned about a member’s participation and enthusiasm for […]

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What We Do At Our Land Rover Club

Have you ever wondered what people do at car clubs? It seemed silly to me that people joined car clubs until going to our first Land Rover Club event. Are you curious about what we do?

The first event we went to was a blast. There were over 50 Land Rover owners and families that showed up for the event. We spent the day playing on off-road trails. At lunchtime, there was a big cookout where everyone cooked and shared with everyone in attendance.

During the afternoon, we got down to serious business. We started comparing notes on what accessories and upgrades had been added to our Land Rovers. It is a great way to find out what works and what is a complete waste of money.

The next event was a lot different. Our meet-up was held in the middle of a city in the parking lot of a major sports team. No, there was not a sporting event planned for the weekend, we were the event. The organizers had set up an obstacle course with orange cones around the parking lot. We had speed trials to see who could race through the course without knocking over cones.

We had a huge tailgate party for lunch that day, with a lot of the attendees showing off how they partied when the team was in town. It was another great day.

The third event we attended was in the dead of winter. We were back in the country for some frozen winter action. The weather had worked out perfectly with almost 6 inches of fresh snow. We spent the day roaming snowy trails and sliding across a shallow ice-covered pond. The organizers had tested the pond to make sure it was frozen to the bottom before we arrived.

Luckily, we did not cook outside that winter day. Our event was near a large restaurant where we all headed for lunch and to talk about our Land Rovers and what was going on in life.

The spring event was the one that was the craziest. It had been raining for almost a week when the event came around. We had 3 events that day. The first event was a simple mud run, to see who could make it through the muddy trails. Every Land Rover made it through.

The second event was a muddy hill climb. I have to admit, we got stuck. The good news, there were 25 other Land Rovers in attendance and we were soon winched free. About half the Land Rovers made it up the hill. By this time, all the vehicles were covered in mud.

Our last event was a game of Land Rover mud ball. They had brought a giant inflatable ball that we bashed around the field, being careful not to run into each other.

While the competitions are fun, the best part of being in our Land Rover club is the friendships and knowledge we have gained. We have learned what gear is best to use with our Land Rover and mad a lot of new friends. We are looking forward to the next event.

Lastly, we have a big pool of resources when it comes to land rover parts and accessories. Our member can help you search for UTV parts — aftermarket and custom. We also know many places that customize any parts, so you will surely enjoy your time at our club if you are really an off-road vehicle lover.